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Thanksgiving Beverages: 4 Advantages of Offering K-Cups to Family Members

After all of the Thanksgiving meals and dishes have been planned, it’s also important to consider the types of beverages that you will be serving for the holiday. A pot of coffee provides a lot of liquid, but many people are now very specific in how they enjoy their coffee beverages. To make things a lot easier for guests, you have the option of purchasing K-Cup pods for Thanksgiving. These pods allow guests to enjoy their own coffee choices, and there are several other advantages to using them. Whether you already own a K-Cup machine or want to purchase one for the holiday, you can see all of the benefits and make an educated decision for yourself. Easy Serving Brewing pots of coffee requires filling filters, monitoring the coffee, and refilling pots as they get low. With a K-Cup, guests can get an individual fresh cup of coffee when they need to. Thanksgiving already has so many other aspects to it that worrying about a pot of coffee should not have to be a concern. When you use K-Cup machines, the drink is often brewed right into the coffee cup. This helps prevent any potential disasters when coffee pots are pulled out and poured manually into mugs. A spilled coffee could lead to a Thanksgiving food disaster if the coffee gets on anything. Special Holiday Flavors You can help make the Thanksgiving holiday feel more festive by purchasing special holiday flavors for your family and guests on Thanksgiving. For example, the Donut Shop line of K-Cups has several different holiday versions that you can purchase for Thanksgiving. These include Holiday Buzz and Peppermint Bark. These holiday flavors go great with thanksgiving dessert and can add a nice festive touch to the meal. If a relative truly enjoys the holiday flavors, then you can always add the K-cups as a potential Christmas present for them. Children’s Drinks The children do not need to be left out of special drinks on Thanksgiving. K-Cups are available in a number of non-coffee drinks that children can enjoy. One of the more traditional options is a K-Cup featuring hot cocoa. Other options include flavored iced tea that can be brewed on a cold-water setting. You also have the option of purchasing K-Cups with hot teas and green teas. There are a number of caffeine-free versions if you do not want your child consuming too much […]

Incorporating Chia Seeds Into Your Diet? What Information You Need To Know

There are many health benefits associated with chia seeds. They are filled with fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, while being low in carbohydrates. They are also extremely filling and low in calories, which can be beneficial when you are trying to lose or maintain weight. And they can help lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. As such, you may be considering adding these tiny seeds into your diet. However, if you have never used or eaten them before, there is some information you need to know. Here is information you need to know about chia seeds if you are incorporating them into your diet. Different Types of Chia Seeds If you have never purchased chia seeds, you may not realize that there are different types. One of the biggest differences between the types is the color they come in. There are both white and black chia seeds. However, there is no nutritional difference between the colors and most people can’t taste the difference between them. As such, there is no reason to select one color of seed over the other.  Another difference that you will notice when you shop for chia seeds is that some are sold whole, while others have already been ground. If this is your first time purchasing chia seeds, you likely want to stick with whole seeds. Some recipes call for whole chia seeds, while others call for them to be ground. When you are experimenting with chia seeds for the first time, you want to figure out what recipes appeal to you. You can always grind them yourself for recipes that call for them to be used in that manner, but you can’t use ground chia seeds when whole ones are needed. As such, this gives you more opportunity to figure out how you like your chia seeds best. Secondly, whole seeds have a longer shelf life than ground ones when stored properly. The last major difference you will see among chia seed brands is that some are organic and/or non-gmo. Organic chia seeds are more expensive than non-organic ones. However, they were harvested without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Just like with fruits and vegetables, you will have to decide for yourself whether buying organic is ideal for you. How to Store Chia Seeds After purchasing your chia seeds, you will need to learn how to store them […]

College Finals: 4 Ways a Seafood Dinner Can Help Boost Your Performance

With so much studying during the final weeks of a college semester, sometimes it’s nice to relax and enjoy a nice meal at a bar and grill. Not only can you rest your brain a little while eating, but you can choose a meal that will help increase brain health and get your ready for the big exam. When browsing the menu at your local bar and grill, consider the following four benefits that result from eating a variety of seafood meal options. Not only can it help you on your college finals, but eating seafood can become a great tradition for any future tests or exams that you have. 1. Concentration A single college course can entail dozens of pages of notes and a textbook for supplemental information. There are so many distractions on campus and in a dorm, but it’s important to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Luckily, you can enjoy a number of fish meals that can boost your concentration. One of the best fish types to order on the menu for this task is salmon. Salmon contains a good amount of amino acid, which can help increase your concentration and let you focus on the task at hand. When you’re ordering salmon, a grilled flank with a side of vegetables is a great way to enjoy the fish fresh and clean. A little lemon juice can accent the flavors and create a delicious seafood meal. Salmon can also be ordered as a part of a seafood salad. The fresh greens, salmon, and a vinaigrette help create a nice blend with each bite. 2. Energy The last week before a final exam can feel like a month. As you study hours into the night, you will be craving the energy to stay focused and awake. Instead of relying on sugary energy drinks that make you crash later, you can get energy naturally from seafood. One of the best seafoods to obtain extra energy from is lobster. Served in so many different ways, lobster is filled with protein. Just one cup of prepared lobster meat can contain up to 28 grams of protein. Extra protein in your body can convert into energy that will last long through a night of studying. Lobster is great in a roll or served with a piece of steak. Side dishes like mashed potatoes or corn go great with the […]

Prevent and Reduce Backaches in Your Kitchen Staff with These Essentials

Working in a restaurant kitchen can be physically demanding. Back strains and injuries can be especially common, so if you want to help your employees, you should invest in equipment that helps protect their backs. Doing so also helps protect you from sick days, disability claims, or other expenses related to backaches and injuries. Here are some products you should consider: 1. Adjustable stainless steel tables Your employees spend a lot of time using the stainless-steel work surfaces in your kitchen. They chop vegetables, knead bread, mix salads, frost cakes, and much more at these surfaces. If the work tables in the kitchen are too low for your employees, they have to stoop down to use them, a position that hunches their backs and shoulders. In contrast, if the work surfaces are too high, your employees must unnaturally raise their shoulders so that their hands can reach the table. To avoid both of these scenarios, invest in adjustable stainless steel tables for your commercial kitchen. If possible, focus on relatively small tables. That way, you can create individual work stations for different employees, and even if everyone working that shift is a different height, they can all adjust their tables as needed. 2. Automatic choppers In addition to changing the height of some work surfaces, consider reducing the amount of repetitive tasks your cooks do every day. In particular, look into automatic chopping machines. These can handle julienning, dicing, and chopping vegetables like potatoes. As a result, your employees won’t have to spend as much time gripping a knife and moving it up and down. Repetitive actions, especially those that involve gripping an object, can lead to stress injuries. These injuries can affect your employees’ arms, joints, necks, and backs. 3. Cushioned, non-slip floor mats Whether you reduce the chopping burden or not, your kitchen staff spends most of their time on their feet, and standing can cause back pain. To give your employees a bit of extra comfort, invest in mats for your floor. These provide cushioning underfoot, and they can also reduce slips and falls, which can also be a contributor to backaches. 4. Chef shoes Even with cushioned floor mats, the shoes your employees wear can affect the health of their backs. If you supply chef whites, consider also supplying chef shoes. Have each of your employees fitted individually so they can choose the type of shoe […]

3 Important Tips To Help You Learn How To Melt Chocolate The Right Way

An average American eats almost 12 pounds of chocolate each year, but some people eat even more than this. Chocolate is a wonderful food to eat, and it can be used to make so many different things. If you love chocolate and enjoy cooking, you may want to start learning how to make things with chocolate. While there are thousands of recipes around, it’s important to learn the basics of melting chocolate before you get too far. Here are three important tips to help you with this. The Easiest And Best Way To Melt Chocolate A lot of people use the double broiler method to melt down solid chocolate, but this method is messy and complicated. If you do not have a double boiler or prefer an easier method, you should consider melting your chocolate in the microwave. Here are the steps needed to melt chocolate in the microwave: Place the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and break it into pieces if necessary. Place the bowl in the microwave, heat for 30 seconds, and stir. Repeat step 2 as many times as needed to achieve the texture you desire. Chocolate can burn easily when it is being melted, which is why you should thoroughly stir it every 30 seconds. Once it is completely melted, you can use it for a variety of things, such as: Topping for ice-cream and desserts Dipping sauce for strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzels Homemade candies Melted chocolate should be used relatively quickly as it will begin to harden as it cools. Never Add Water To Chocolate The second tip you should know about melting chocolate is to never add water to it. If your chocolate appears too thick, you may think adding a few drops of water will help thin it out; unfortunately, this is not what will happen. When water is added to melted chocolate, it causes the chocolate to seize or clump. This happens because chocolate is extremely dry. All the moisture from it is removed when it is made, and adding water to it will cause the properties in the chocolate to change. Adding just a few drops of water to a bowl of chocolate could destroy the entire bowl. Because of the effects water has on chocolate, you should always make sure you stir the chocolate with a dry spoon. If you want to wash the spoon after stirring the chocolate, just […]