College Finals: 4 Ways a Seafood Dinner Can Help Boost Your Performance

With so much studying during the final weeks of a college semester, sometimes it's nice to relax and enjoy a nice meal at a bar and grill. Not only can you rest your brain a little while eating, but you can choose a meal that will help increase brain health and get your ready for the big exam. When browsing the menu at your local bar and grill, consider the following four benefits that result from eating a variety of seafood meal options. Not only can it help you on your college finals, but eating seafood can become a great tradition for any future tests or exams that you have.

1. Concentration

A single college course can entail dozens of pages of notes and a textbook for supplemental information. There are so many distractions on campus and in a dorm, but it's important to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Luckily, you can enjoy a number of fish meals that can boost your concentration. One of the best fish types to order on the menu for this task is salmon. Salmon contains a good amount of amino acid, which can help increase your concentration and let you focus on the task at hand.

When you're ordering salmon, a grilled flank with a side of vegetables is a great way to enjoy the fish fresh and clean. A little lemon juice can accent the flavors and create a delicious seafood meal. Salmon can also be ordered as a part of a seafood salad. The fresh greens, salmon, and a vinaigrette help create a nice blend with each bite.

2. Energy

The last week before a final exam can feel like a month. As you study hours into the night, you will be craving the energy to stay focused and awake. Instead of relying on sugary energy drinks that make you crash later, you can get energy naturally from seafood.

One of the best seafoods to obtain extra energy from is lobster. Served in so many different ways, lobster is filled with protein. Just one cup of prepared lobster meat can contain up to 28 grams of protein. Extra protein in your body can convert into energy that will last long through a night of studying. Lobster is great in a roll or served with a piece of steak. Side dishes like mashed potatoes or corn go great with the dish. If you order a full lobster, you'll likely be left with plenty of leftovers to enjoy during extra nights of studying.

3. Better Sleep

After days and nights of studying, getting a good's night rest is important on the night before a big exam. This is why you should look for a seafood meal that can assist you in getting multiple hours of deep sleep. A number of fish contain the vitamin B6, which is used by the body to produce melatonin. This process helps regulate your body's clock and allows you to fall asleep a lot easier.

Along with salmon, there are a number of other fish meals available with B6 vitamins. One of the more popular options is tuna. Tuna rolls, tuna sandwiches, or another menu option like grilled tuna can provide your body with plenty of B6 vitamins. Pair the tuna with a healthy side dish or some pasta to complete the meal. You'll go to bed ready to fall asleep and feeling great after enjoying some delicious food.

4. Improved Memory

When the final exam is placed in front of you, you may fear that your mind will go completely blank and forget all the things you studied so hard to learn. Help maintain all of that knowledge by eating seafood that can boost your memory and allow you to focus on the exam at hand.

Enjoying a seafood meal during the days before the exam can help increase your memory. This may occur when you consume fatty fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, tuna, and herring are just a few of the fish that contain omega-3 acids. Other fish options, like sardines and trout, can also contain these acids. The acids help you focus, remember things, and be fully alert for the exam. Eating a seafood meal two to three times a week can help the acids remain in your system and really improve your health.

When ordering these seafood meals, try to stick with grilled or baked portions as much as possible. Breaded fish contain a lot of carbohydrates and can take away from the health factor of your meal. Try a restaurant like Mugshots Burger N' Brew during finals week, and you may be surprised at your test results.

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