Thanksgiving Beverages: 4 Advantages of Offering K-Cups to Family Members

After all of the Thanksgiving meals and dishes have been planned, it's also important to consider the types of beverages that you will be serving for the holiday. A pot of coffee provides a lot of liquid, but many people are now very specific in how they enjoy their coffee beverages. To make things a lot easier for guests, you have the option of purchasing K-Cup pods for Thanksgiving. These pods allow guests to enjoy their own coffee choices, and there are several other advantages to using them. Whether you already own a K-Cup machine or want to purchase one for the holiday, you can see all of the benefits and make an educated decision for yourself.

Easy Serving

Brewing pots of coffee requires filling filters, monitoring the coffee, and refilling pots as they get low. With a K-Cup, guests can get an individual fresh cup of coffee when they need to. Thanksgiving already has so many other aspects to it that worrying about a pot of coffee should not have to be a concern. When you use K-Cup machines, the drink is often brewed right into the coffee cup. This helps prevent any potential disasters when coffee pots are pulled out and poured manually into mugs. A spilled coffee could lead to a Thanksgiving food disaster if the coffee gets on anything.

Special Holiday Flavors

You can help make the Thanksgiving holiday feel more festive by purchasing special holiday flavors for your family and guests on Thanksgiving. For example, the Donut Shop line of K-Cups has several different holiday versions that you can purchase for Thanksgiving. These include Holiday Buzz and Peppermint Bark. These holiday flavors go great with thanksgiving dessert and can add a nice festive touch to the meal. If a relative truly enjoys the holiday flavors, then you can always add the K-cups as a potential Christmas present for them.

Children's Drinks

The children do not need to be left out of special drinks on Thanksgiving. K-Cups are available in a number of non-coffee drinks that children can enjoy. One of the more traditional options is a K-Cup featuring hot cocoa. Other options include flavored iced tea that can be brewed on a cold-water setting. You also have the option of purchasing K-Cups with hot teas and green teas. There are a number of caffeine-free versions if you do not want your child consuming too much caffeine. As you shop for Thanksgiving foods, a child can help pick out special drink options that will be served during the holiday. They could even help make the beverages for all of the children attending the Thanksgiving dinner. You could also surprise the children with a treat by purchasing the K-cups yourself and then serving them up on Thanksgiving.

Cleaning Up

After everything is all said and done, Thanksgiving comes with a lot of cleaning up. By using K-Cups, you can eliminate a lot of the extra hassle that comes with a traditional coffee brewer. The K-Cups can be lifted out and tossed away as you go. This makes things a lot easier than removing and throwing out a bunch of wet and soggy coffee filters does. A large coffee pot can take up a lot of room in a sink or dishwasher. This element is avoided completely with a K-Cup brewer. You only need to wash the mugs that the drinks were served in. This may seem like a small thing, but eliminating small clean-up jobs will make it a lot easier to handle all of the post-Thanksgiving duties.

By planning ahead and purchasing plenty of K-Cups, your Thanksgiving holiday can go a lot more smoothly for you and your loved ones. Check out companies like 11th Street Coffee to take a look at various options.

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