How To Propose To A Southerner In 3 Easy Steps

If the time has come to consider settling down with the love of your life, your game plan probably includes a marriage proposal. But how can you execute this plan in such as way that it will be romantic now and memorable enough to be recounted by your children and grandchildren for generations to come? If your sweetheart loves southern food, the answer may be easier than you think and it all centers around some finger-licking good barbecue. 

1. Retain the element of surprise 

Most serious relationships arrive naturally at a point where the proposal of marriage seems like an obvious next step. When this happens, your beloved may think that an invitation to a formal restaurant is likely to include a marriage proposal. Since this can take away from the delicious surprise you want your proposal to be, consider taking pains to make sure the night of the proposal seems to be nothing out of the ordinary by taking them to a seemingly casual meal at a favorite local barbecue place. 

2. Work with the staff on timing the actual proposal

Once you have a restaurant in mind for your proposal location, contact the manager and get them on board with your plans. Ask them to recommend a time of date or day of the week when their business will be less crowded and see if you can reserve a table in a private corner or area of the establishment. 

Next, ask the manager if you can work directly with one of their trusted staff to assist with your plan. Depending on the type of menu offered and the serving style, some good examples might include: 

  • having the waiter bring your date a fresh cloth napkin adorned by the engagement ring
  • delivering the ring to the table upon an agreed upon cue from you, tied to a bouquet of favorite flowers
  • having the ring delivered along with dessert at the end of the meal

The casual atmosphere of the restaurant will help to ensure that your future bride or groom will be completely surprised -- and entranced -- by your proposal. 

3. Enlist the help of the staff to document the occasion 

Every newly engaged couple enjoys remembering the unexpected surprise of the actual proposal. To ensure that you get some candid photos of the actual proposal, ask the manager or a waiter to be standing by in an unobtrusive area with your camera. The photos they take of your intended's face as the ring is presented and your proposal on bent knee will be a lifelong keepsake of the event and will be cherished forever. 

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