Facts About California Wines Every Wine Lover Should Know

From the mountainous northern regions of the state to the sunny coastlines down south, California is filled with beautiful places, interesting people, and things to do and see. However, California has also risen to the top as one of the top distributors of US-made wines. If you are a wine connoisseur, you probably already do a fair amount of tasting local wine varieties and learning about the different wineries that are sprinkled across the country. However, there is always room for a few more facts. Here is a look at some of the facts about California wines every wine lover should know. 

California's climate is one of the biggest reasons it is a great wine state

California is known for its diversity, whether you are talking about people or places, but specifically, relative to wine-making, California has a diverse climate with diverse growing opportunities. Therefore, many types of wine crops can be raised in the state. For example, you may find grapes grown more in places like Anderson Valley up north because of the cooler climate, but down south, there are opportunities for growing heartier fruits like berries. This range of growing opportunities opens up doors for prospective winemakers in the state. 

Many of California's wineries offer way more than just wine tasting

Sure, taking a trip through the wine countries of California is great because you get to taste a multitude of different domestic wines, but the wineries in the state are known for far more than just that. If you take a wine tour in some places, you should expect to come across those that have everything from fine art displays to music and theater performances right on site. Because of this, a wine tour through California can take a little longer to complete if you want to make several stops, but you will definitely experience a lot of great things along the way. 

California is growing as a wine-producing location

According to Wikipedia, California has 1200 wineries, both big and corporation style and small and more conservative. Plus, California produces about 90 percent of the wine made in the country. If that was not surprising enough, California is also growing as a global wine producer as well. While the state's wine is often referred to as new World wine because of its simplicity, there is a huge market for this kind of wine in all kinds of other countries. 

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