Why It's Best To Buy Hot Sauce In Small Bottles

If you're even a moderate hot sauce enthusiast, it's exciting to visit a store that specializes in these fiery liquids. As you shop, you'll come across a long list of products that you want to try, and you may even get to sample some different sauces. When you've identified a few specialty hot sauces that appeal to you, you may notice that they're sold in different sizes of bottles. While you might be keen on buying the sauces in big bottles, going with small bottles is generally a better idea. Here's why.

It's A Good Way To Test Them 

Sometimes, you'll buy a bottle of hot sauce after you've already sampled it. However, virtually any hot sauce store will have a multitude of products that you've never tried, so there's a good chance that you're buying something that you've yet to test out. Buying your hot sauce in a small bottle is an effective way to try it out and see if it's right for you. The flavor, the acidity, and the heat are all factors that you'll use to evaluate the taste of the hot sauce, so buying a small bottle before you commit to something bigger is always a good choice.

It Reminds You Not To Overdo It

When you have any type of condiment, it can be easy to serve yourself too much when it's in a large bottle. If you were to buy a hefty bottle of hot sauce, you might be tempted to drip a considerable amount of it on your food — and then realize that you've made the food far too hot. A small bottle with a limited amount of hot sauce is a good reminder not to overdo serving yourself. In most cases, a drip or two will be adequate for spicing up your food, and this tiny serving size will often be easier with a small bottle.

It Takes Up Less Fridge Space

You generally want to refrigerate hot sauce after opening it, so you'll need to think about your available fridge space. Many families' refrigerators are jammed full, so arriving home with a huge bottle of hot sauce may cause some challenges. Hot sauce stores have so many intriguing products that it's difficult to buy just one bottle, which means that you may have a significant number of bottles that require refrigeration. A few smaller bottles will be easier to fit in the fridge.

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If you're even a moderate hot sauce enthusiast, it's exciting to visit a store that specializes in these fiery liquids. As you shop, you'll come acros

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